Using Herbs as a Ritual Smoke

The practice of smoking herbs, whether for religious ceremonies, medicinal purposes, relaxation or pleasure, has been around since prehistoric times. Pipes have been found among belongings at prehistoric sites and there is written documentation referring to the ritual of smoking dating back 5000 years. 

Our High Spirit Herbal blend will heighten your psychic and spiritual senses. This well rounded smokable blend can be used before bed to encourage lucid dreaming and dream recall, during the day to connect with the spirit realm before meditation/ritual, or any time! It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is a great addition to your favorite smokable. 

Herbal smokes are a great way of incorporating the elements Fire, Earth, and Air into your preferred ritual. Look to Fire for energy, sexuality, passion, love, Earth for health, wealth, prosperity, employment and fertility, and Air for spirit, inspiration, and aspirations.

The blend contains mullein, mugwort, uva ursi, skullcap, white willow bark, blackberry leaf, rose petals, jasmine flower, and vegetable glycerine. Some of these herbs can be an aid to quitting nicotine based products.

We at Bodhi recommend all things in moderation. Herbal smokes do still produce tar and carbon monoxide which can tax your lungs. 

***Precaution*** Not to be used by pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant.