Common Uses of Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for their medicinal benefits since prehistoric times. Cave paintings have been found depicting the use of medicinal botanicals and oils derived from them. In recent history, their use has been recorded as early as 5000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians. They were an important part of Cleopatra’s beauty routine as well as the Egyptians spiritual rites. 

Today, essential oils are most commonly used in aromatherapy, but can also be used topically and in rituals for magical purposes. Below we have listed the high quality organic essential oils available through Bodhi Basics and some of their most common uses. 


Treats toothaches and stomach issues; brings courage and luck; aphrodisiac

Angelica Root

aids digestive issues; highly protective and purifying; "Holy Spirit Root" (historically used in exorcisms and to ward off plague)


Appetite enhancer, digestive aid, and expectorant; psychic development and protection; ward off the evil eye

Basil, Sweet

Increase lactation; calming, promotes deep sleep, anti-anxiety; improves mental clarity and sharpens senses


Boosts immunity; Wisdom and love; dispels low self-esteem and apathy


Antimicrobial and astringent; helps release emotional blockages and fears; can create a sense of euphoria; help you find joy; spirit guide


anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; use as a spot treatment for acne; brings balance, protection, and strength; promotes joy

Black Pepper

antioxidant; apply topically for muscle tension and tendonitis; motivates and dispels spiritual exhaustion; enhances cognition and mental clarity

Blood Orange

Antiseptic and antibacterial; inspires a positive outlook, uplifting

Blue Chamomile

great for balancing oils of skin; gentle and calming


Great for digestive issues and IBD, specifically colitis; found in prehistoric sites in Europe, suggesting it was part of early man's daily life; In German folklore, parents placed a dish of caraway seeds beneath children's beds to protect them from witches; highly protective


Digestive aid; enhances libido; promotes urination; spiritual awakening; brings insight and wisdom to the soul; opens heart and mind

Carrot Seed

relieves stress and anxiety, refreshing

Cassia, Cinnamon

spiritual awareness and clarity, warming; digestive aid, oral care, antiseptic

Cedarwood - Atlas

warm, comforting, sedative, stress relief; strength and stability

Cedarwood - Virginia

relieve muscle pain, treats acne and oily skin; calming and soothing

Chamomile, Blue - Hungary

Calms the mind and purifies the spirit, increases concentration


Natural cleanser and detoxifier; reduces swelling; promotes oral health; eases pain of loss; invites peace and love into a broken heart


Insect repellant, anti-fungal- can be used to treat bug bites; slows or prevents growth of airborne bacteria; boosts mood and energy, relaxes body and mind

Clary Sage

antidepressant, stress reliever; boosts confidence; enhances emotional understanding


spiritual awakening, deeper meditation, personal boundaries, psychic protection


Relieves muscle pain and cramps, antimicrobial, increase circulation, promotes vitality and energetic feelings


Tones and firms the skin; increase's our resilience in the face of environmental stress; stress reducer; great for meditation; clears head


ease cold symptoms and provide respiratory health benefits, anti-inflammatory, protection, healing, ease mental stress and exhaustion

Fir Needle

fights fatigue, respiratory support, uplifting

Frankincense - Ethiopia

anti-anxiety, uplifting, alleviates stress

Fresh Ginger

aids digestion, nausea, and motion sickness; relieves menstrual and respiratory discomfort; used for protection and to draw money

Geranium Rose

healing, restorative, love, self-love, beauty, good fortune, protection

Ginger - China

aids digestion, nausea, and motion sickness; relieves menstrual and respiratory discomfort


relieves motion sickness and nausea; antidepressant, releases pent up frustration and anger; transformative, unconditional love


increase energy, enhance mood, good for oily hair and skin, aids digestion


pain relief; used for insomnia and restlessness; reduces stress and anxiety; used for sleep and healing

Juniper Berry - France

sleep aid, wound care, aids urinary tract


helps heal minor wounds and bug bites, relaxation, treats anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness

Lemon - California

ease stress, fights fatigue, stimulates immunes system, fights acne

Lemon Eucalyptus

insect repellant, decongestant, immune stimulant, asthma relief


anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory; eliminates mental fatigue; insect repellant


promote mental clarity, creativity, provides antioxidants to the skin, cleansing, air purifying

Litsea (May Chang)

revitalizing, disinfectant, relieves stress and anxiety


Relieves respiratory issues and soothes the nervous system; Symbol of love and honor; mends the broken hearted; cleanses and purifies energetic spaces


oral health and wound care, stimulates energy


Addresses oily skin, reduces pores; expectorant; aids libido issues; helps restore balance and break addictive patterns; clears the mind and cleanses emotions; "Myrtle was also an important ingredient in Angel’s Water, a 16th century skin care formulation. Myrtle branches often feature in wedding ceremonies in the Mediterranean, where they symbolize the transition for women from maidenhood to sexual maturity."


boosts cognitive functions; sleep aid; brings good luck and safe travels; money aid; fidelity

Orange, Sweet

boosts energy and mood, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, treats acne and other skin issues, promotes digestion


antimicrobial, relax the mind, balance emotions

Palo Santo

great for asthma and respiratory issues; cleanse spaces of negative energy; protection


protection, purification, antidepressant, increase sensuality, sex magic


removes barriers, increases conscious thought; relieves nausea and motion sickness, digestive aid


Sedative; calms anger; sleep aid; releases anger and panic; heals emotional wounds


Acute cough relief; Anti-viral; Quickly relieves muscle tension and pain; mood-enhancer


cleansing, clarity, peace, good luck; promotes cognitive functions and brain health


Astringent, anti-viral, and expectorant; improves trust and self-identity

Scotch Pine

uplifting, cleansing, and clearing; ideal for mediation; disinfectant; decrease swelling

Spanish Sage

balance the mind; encourage strength, grounding, and courage; cleansing


promotes security, lifts spirit, helps you to embrace challenges; clarifying- stops circular thought patterns

Tea Tree

cleansing and protection, decongestant, healing


energize the mind and bring clarity of direction; cleanse blocked or stuck emotions- release and forgive


aids digestive system and relieves gas, relaxes and balances, anti-inflammatory

Valerian Root

Relaxes the nervous system; widely used for insomnia; relaxing aphrodisiac; promotes peace; protects against evil

Vetiver - Haiti

grounds the mind and uplifts the spirit, sedative: relieves anxiety, insomnia, tension

White Sage

Purifies spirit and atmosphere; antimicrobial


Aids in respiratory issues and pain relief; enhances the senses; creativity; stress relieving and grounding; uplifts the spirits

Ylang Ylang

antiseptic, calms the mind and body