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Simplicity comes in many shapes and forms. We think skin care should be one of them. Each of our products is made, cut, poured, molded, capped, and labeled by hand, and will always be.  Our vision is to provide the best quality skin care infused with and inspired by the knowledge, power, and beauty provided by nature. There are no additives, synthetics, parabens, dyes, fragrance oils, etc. in these products.  I have a very simple rule that I abide by with every recipe. If I will not eat it, I will not put it in our products. This means that all of the ingredients are high quality, organic, fair trade and local when possible.

All of our products are scented only with pure essential oils, and colored with herbs, spices, clays and nothing else.

All products are handmade and purely nature-derived, so they do differ visually from batch to batch.  We make everything in small batches so they can have the attention, love, and time that they deserve.  We believe this makes for a more consistent and better product, one which you can actually feel the difference in.   They do have a shorter shelf life than commercially made skin care due to the lack of synthetic preservatives.  We do take care to use natural preservatives and most of our products have up to a 1 year shelf life if stored correctly.  


All prices are in US Dollars.  We accept all major credit cards and paypal.