Who doesn’t love a nice rock? Whether you're attracted to their geological, magical, or natural beauty, the right crystal can brighten up any day!

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life and harness their earthly vibrations. It can be as simple as carrying one around with you as a talisman- stick it in your pocket or your purse as a reminder of the qualities you would like to manifest in your life. 

Meditations, rituals, and spells can be enhanced by incorporating a stone that represents your desired outcome. They can also be woven into smudge sticks, jewelry, or amulets for a little power boost.  

Use the list below to discover the hidden meaning behind these brilliant gems!

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Promotes tranquility, anti-anxiety, self-discovery, confidence and self-expression


Wisdom, develop patience, clears the mind, warm energy


Memory and focus, blocks negative energy, encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, cleanses aura, assists with grief


Courage and protection, calms fears, promotes verbal self-expression and clear communication


Calming, centering, stabilizing, relieves stress and nerves


"Stone of Opportunity", attractor of luck, inevitable opportunity

Black Amber

Grounding energy; protection, safety, and security; connection of heavenly and earthly energies

Black Moonstone

Helps to connect with one's feeling and guide them toward emotional healing; intuition; grounding and protection

Black Onyx

Powerful protective stones, absorbs and transforms negative energy

Black Tourmaline

Field protector, carry with you to ward off negativity


Powerful healing stone, grounds negative energy, balances the body, brings love into any situation, heightens intuition, increases creativity

Blue Chalcedony

Promotes joy and peace; calming; healing; relieves negative emotions

Blue Kyanite

Balances and opens chakras, high vibration, healing


Creative muse, soothing, gentle, open energy, "this too shall pass"

Canadian Jade

Spiritual healing, wealth, wisdom, and financial abundance


Creativity, confidence, passion, warm and powerful


Success, protection, improve self-esteem/confidence, manifest personal power, creativity, endurance, clear thinking, direction, powered by the sun, warms, cleanses, and energizes; attracts synchronicity

Crystal Quartz

Amplification and divination tool, clarity, manifestation, focus


Abundance, prosperity, and growth; self-confidence and perseverence

Desert Rose

Connect to the nourishment and protection of Mother Earth; transmutes hate

Double Terminated Quartz

Bridge between two beings, chakras, etc., balancing tool, protection, enhance intuition


Vision, intuition, passion, eloquence, growth


Highly protective and stabilizing, universal conciousness


Light and ambition, protective, grounding


Self-esteem, willpower, supports those who face karmic battle


Physical healing, detach from self-ego, aids in spiritual growth


Transformative, mystical, protective


Spiritual love, brings emotional healing stimulates positive coincidence, contains lithium: calming


Beauty, adventure, grounding


Protective, absorbs negative energy, relieves tension and stress, cleanses aura

Optical Calcite

Powerful amplifier and cleanser, stone of the mind, law of attraction and manifestation

Peach Selenite

Divine light, emotional transformation, karmic cleanser, insight into life's cycle

Peacock Copper

Encourages understanding, physical healing, happiness and joy


"The Stone of Compassion"; brings good health, restful sleep, and balances emotion and mind


Masculine energy, warrior stone, symbol of wealth and luck

Rainbow Moonstone

The Visionary Stone; brings hope, harmony, and balance; enhances creativity

Red Jasper

Energy, strength, stamina, spiritual grounding

Rose Quartz

Heart healing, clears out jealousy and resentment, love, sensuality, tenderness, compassion, forgiveness

Rutilated Quartz

Cleansing, heals emotional wounds, clarity, energy, strength


Represent Water, Venus, and the Moon; beauty, prosperity, love, and abundance; Abalone: abundance, peace, and compassion- wear as an amulet for assistance working through emotional issues


Liquid Light, protection, cleansing, connects to higher planes

Shamanic Dream Stones

Calming; strengthen and stabilize emotions, allowing for focus on the spiritual journey; ideal for crystal mediation, divination, and dreamwork

Smokey Quartz

Healing earth energy, grounding, cleansing, assists with acceptance, heal trauma

Tiger's Eye

Balance the extremes, spiritual guidance, inspiration and perspective, releases fear, aids in balance and decision making

Titanium Quartz

Dispels sorrow and replaces it with joy by stimulating humor and relaxation


Abundant and nurturing energy, compassion, kindness, rebirth

White Onyx

Keeping things on track, purify negativity, grounding

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