High Spirit Herbal Smokes

High Spirit Herbal Smokes

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Whether you’re looking for a vivid dream boost, connection to spirit, or just a chill smokeable to relax your nervous system, we got you.

Our seasonal blend will heighten your psychic and spiritual senses. High Spirit Smokes can be used before bed to encourage lucid dreaming and dream recall, during the day to connect with the spirit realm, before meditation/ritual, or any time! It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is a great addition to your favorite smokeable herb.

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We have High Spirit Herbal Smokes available in the following:

  • DIY Kit - Includes 1/2 oz of loose smokable blend, rolling papers, and a lighter in a decorative carrying case.

  • Pre-Rolled Smokes - These are all ready to go. Prerolled in an organic hemp rolling paper with an organic cotton filter. One per listing.

  • Loose Mix - This is the bulk version of our smokes. You get 1 oz of the blend and you do the rolling or packing. This is perfect for those who want to mix it with their favorite herb.

  • Pack of 15 Pre-Rolled smokes - Pre-rolled in an organic hemp rolling paper with an organic cotton filter. 15 per listing in a metal tin to keep them safe and on the ready.

Ingredients: All organic: mullein, mugwort, uva ursi, skullcap, white willow bark, blackberry leaf, rose petals, jasmine flower, vegetable glycerine.

***Precaution*** Not to be used by pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant.