peace + love + new beginnings

Hey babes,  welcome to the new Bodhi Blog.  

We are embarking on a number of new frontiers at Bodhi Basics this year and would like to welcome you to join in the adventure through this blog series.   This platform will be used to give you special insight into our making world including DIY recipes for skin care, facial products, detox must-haves, and a few of our favorite healthful tea and food recipes too.  

We will be sharing tips and tools for achieving beautiful, glowing skin through product recommendations, simple herbal preparations, and lifestyle musts.    There will also be some really cool guest posts by inspirational makers, movers, and shakers from St Pete and beyond!  

So keep your nose to the wind and your eye to the horizon line because we have a lot of downright cool sh** coming your way.

Kimberly VorperianComment