OBS & Bodhi Basics - Father's Day Collaboration

Let's admit it - dads are awesome.From 'dad jokes' (you know you tell them to your friends when he's not around) to giving you twenty bucks to go to the movies with your friends when you were younger (just don't tell your mother). Whether the person that comes to mind is your dad or someone else's, he deserves to feel "No. 1" this Father's Day.

Make Him Feel "No. 1" This Father's Day

Dads deserve a beard oil that can guarantee to prevent itchy skin beneath their fatherly whiskers. Bodhi Basics and Organic Beard Supply teamed up to make "No. 1", a limited run beard oil available to order one day only on June 7th.

We're only making 50 bottles of this exclusive recipe. Any dad that gets this beard oil will be one of the few to experience being "No. 1" this Father's Day.

Get it... "No. 1" Dad... we couldn't do a Father's Day collaboration without making at least one dad joke. Dads will get it, don't worry.

The Story Behind "No. 1"

From the first time Kim (Bodhi Basics) and Tyler (Organic Beard Supply) met, they knew they wanted to collaborate.

A few weeks ago, Kim reached out to Tyler with the idea of a Father's Day collaboration. Shortly after, they met at a coffee shop in Downtown St. Pete and started brainstorming. "No. 1" was born - a limited run beard oil using the best ingredients from their current products.

"No. 1" also has an exclusive scent - it's refreshing and masculine with bergamot, juniper, and cedar wood. Your dad will feel special and know just how much you care every time he uses it.

Sign up now to pre-order "No. 1"

Remember, we're only making 50 bottles of "No. 1" and they will only be available to order on June 7th. That is, unless you sign up to pre-order your bottle now. That's right... not only will you guarantee you get your hands on this exclusive beard oil, you'll also save 20% when you pre-order. Sign up now before they're all gone!

Kimberly Vorperian