Common Herbs and their Uses

There are so many beautiful and delicious herbs to choose from it can be overwhelming! Use this handy list to find herbs best suited to your medicinal or magical need. Though not entirely exhaustive, it will give you a great way to start your herbal journey on the right path.


Treats respiratory illness and diarrhea; magical uses: Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - coconut shell

Emergency toxin removal; teeth whitening; aids kidney health; treats diarrhea and skin infection

ALFALFA POWDER - Medicago sativa

Revitalizes digestive tract and colon. Decreases irritability and nervousness. Combine with peppermint to make a tonic for the stomach; magical uses: Money, prosperity, anti-hunger

ALKANET - alkanna tinctoria

Provides natural red tint to cosmetics, heals wounds; magical uses: Purification, prosperity. Protects from snakebites and helps ease fear of snakes

ALLSPICE - Pimenta dioica

Digestive aid; anti-inflammatory and pain reliever; Immune booster; promotes oral health; Magical: Money, luck, healing, obtaining treasure.


Used as far back as Ancient Egypt, Aloe Vera heals wounds and relieves sunburn. Part of Cleopatra's daily beauty routine, aloe can be beneficial to many skin issues including psoriasis and acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties can also be topically applied for relief from aching joints and tendonitis. Magical uses: Protection and luck.

ANISE SEEDS (Pimpinella anisum)

calms and builds the nervous system; natural remedy for gas, bloating, cramping, and digestive issues; breaks down mucus- good for bronchitis and asthma; pain-relieving (especially coughs, GI issues, and menstrual cramps). Emotionally good for nervousness and insomnia; Magical uses: Used to help ward off the evil eye, find happiness, and stimulate psychic ability.

ANISE STAR PODS - whole - Illicium verum

Decongestant and expectorant

ANNATTO SEED (ground) - Bixa orellana

Treats diabetes, diarrhea, fevers, and fluid retention. Use topically for burns and vaginal infections.


Contains potassium, iron, and vitamin B; promotes heart health and boosts immunity; treats toothaches and gum soreness (give babies arrowroot cookies for teething); magical uses: Purification and healing

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb from India that is used for supporting endocrine function, immune function, brain function, whole-body revitalization and emotional balance. This tonic herb is widely used for stress relief, hormone balance, supporting mental health, aiding restful sleep and imparting a sense of holistic wellbeing. Whether you are anxious or fatigued, ashwagandha supports balance and can aid the body, mind and spirit in returning to equilibrium and vitality.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT - powder - A. membranaceus

Astragalus is a prized adaptogenic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, lauded for its whole-body rejuvenative and protective properties. It is used as a longevity tonic and to strengthen and protect metabolism, digestion, immunity, energy levels, skin health and whole-body health.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT - slices - A. membranaceus

Magical uses: Protection and energy

BASIL LEAF - Ocimum basilicum

Named after the Basilisk, Ancient Greek lore claimed that this herb could cure the creature's petrifying stare and used it to treat snake bites and insect stings. Also traditionally used to detoxify from cannabis in India and the Middle East, Basil can detoxify from drugs that store themselves in fat cells. Can increase sex drive and promote menses. Magical Uses: Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears & weakness.

BAY LEAF - Laurus nobilis

Contain vitamins A & C, iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium; include in food regularly to promote general health; tea is good for migraines (infuse 3 leaves and juice of 1 lemon in hot water); Magical Uses: Protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers. Also, the herb of poets and the god Apollo (Sun).

BEET ROOT POWDER - Beta vulagris

Builds the blood and cleanses the liver. High glucose content. Magical uses: Love Spells


reduces inflammation; full of vitamins and minerals; helps with nutrient retention; Banishing negativity, exorcism, and protection from evil.

Blackberry Leaf

helps with diarrhea, sore throat, and ulcers; wards off evil spirits; Magical Uses: Healing, protection and money

BLOODROOT - powder - Sanguinaria canadensis

Expectorant; Fights bacteria and inflammation

Blue Cohosh Root

rheumatism; American Indian female remedy: cramps, back pain, menopause, amenorrhea; used for nerves and spinal injury; depression and brooding; Magical uses: Empowerment, purification, money drawing, love breaking, and driving away evil.

BORAX POWDER - naturally sourced

Cleaning agent and natural pesticide

CACAO BEANS - Theobroma Cacao - roasted

Cacao is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, nervous system boosting, and stress reducing effects. It's consumption can promote feelings of wellbeing and bliss. The scientific name means "food of the gods", after all!

CACAO POWDER - Roasted, Fair Trade

Cacao is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, nervous system boosting, and stress reducing effects. It's consumption can promote feelings of wellbeing and bliss. The scientific name means "food of the gods", after all!

CALAMUS ROOT - powder - Acorus calamus

Used by Native Americans as "the Singer's Herb" calamus primarily targets the trachea. Good for laryngitis, halitosis, sinus congestion, asthma, and chronic cough. Magical Uses: Luck, money, healing, and protection

CALENDULA FLOWERS - Calendula officinalis

The beautiful, sunny calendula flower contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and has a variety of uses. Calendula can be used to speed healing of wounds and skin irritations and also as a tea for a variety of health benefits. Magical Uses: Protection, legal matters, and psychic/spiritual powers

CARAWAY SEED - Carum carvi

Historically known to prevent things, lovers, and pigeons from straying. Caraway is one of the "four greater hot seeds" of Greek medicine used to stimulate digestion (along with fennel, anise, and cumin). Magical Uses: Health, love, protection, mental powers, memory, passion, and anti-theft. Fidelity in love spells.

CARDAMOM PODS - Elettaria cardamomum

Clears the mind; treats coughs, colds, and asthma; treats bloating. gas, and indigestion; treats sickness from damp, hot weather; Magical Uses:Lust, love, and fidelity

CAROB, ROASTED - Ceratonia siliqua

"the singer's herb", cleanses the throat, good for weight loss and stomach settling; Magical Uses: Health and protection

CASSIA CINNAMON - chips - Cinnamomum sp.

Anti-diarrheal, treats nausea, abdominal cramping, and gas; helps with menstrual and postpartum issues; staunches bleeding; Magical Uses: Spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, and prosperity.

CATNIP - Nepeta cataria

fever reducer; calming; promotes sleep and digestion; helps with morning sickness; makes cats happy and spunky; Magical uses: Sacred to Bast; should be used in any ritual involving cats or cat deities. Use with rose petals in love sachets. Use in sachets and spells designed to enhance beauty or happiness. Provides protection while sleeping.

CEDAR LEAF - Thuja plicata

Strong disinfectant; expectorant; treats fungal skin conditions like athlete's foot and ringworm; Magical uses: Confidence, strength, power, money, protection, healing and purification. Used in the consecration of magick wands.

CELERY SEED - Apium graveolens

cooling and sedative diuretic; aids kidney function; helps with arthritis, aches, and pains; Magical Uses: Mental and psychic powers, concentration.

CHAMOMILE - powder - Matricaria recutita

Chamomile flowers are powerfully healing, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is often used in tea for its calming effects. It can also protect skin, lower stress and soothe menstrual cramps.

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS - whole - Matricaria chamomilla

Chamomile flowers are powerfully healing, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is often used in tea for its calming effects. It can also protect skin, lower stress and soothe menstrual cramps. Magical Uses: Love, healing, and reducing stress.

CHIA SEED - Salvia hispanica

High in antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein; promote cardiovascular health; Magical Uses: Protection and health.

CHILI WHOLE - Capsicum annuum

Magical Uses: Fidelity, love, and hex breaking.

CHILI, RED ROASTED - powder - Capsicum annuum

May help to promote weight loss and relieve pain


Considered a superfood due to its nutrient content; aids in detox

CILANTRO - Coriandrum sativum

natural food preservative; increases energy; weight loss; anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal; promotes skin health; Magical Uses: Protection of gardeners; brings peace to the home and helps to attune one with their soul. Magical Uses: Draws friends to the home, customers to the business. Promotes eloquence, persuasiveness, and prosperity. Protects and cleanses the aura. Encourages self-expression and creativity

CINNAMON - Cinnamomum burmannii - powder

Anti-diarrheal, treats nausea, abdominal cramping, and gas; helps with menstrual and postpartum issues; staunches bleeding

CINNAMON STICK - Cinnamomum burmannii - powder

Anti-diarrheal, treats nausea, abdominal cramping, and gas; helps with menstrual and postpartum issues; staunches bleeding


In small doses, heightens senses and is considered an aphrodisiac. In moderate doses, can be used as a sleep aid and pain killer. Good for toothaches, earaches, indigestion, morning sickness, and impotence. Magical Uses: protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought

Cloves Whole

In small doses, heightens senses and is considered an aphrodisiac. In moderate doses, can be used as a sleep aid and pain killer. Good for tooth aches, earaches, indigestion, morning sickness, and impotence. Magical Uses: protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought

COCONUT FLAKE - Dried, Unsweetened

High in fiber; raises good cholesterol

COMFREY - Symphytum officinale

Contains allantoin which causes cell growth, leading to its remarkable healing properties. Heals wounds and draws out toxins. It has long been used to heal broken bones. Magical Uses: money, safety during travel, and any Saturnian purpose. Use for workings involving stability, endurance, and matters relating to real estate or property.

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Boosts energy levels and stamina; anti-inflammatory; adaptogenic; anti-aging; performance enhancing; immune boosting

CORIANDER SEED - Coriandrum sativum

treats chronic indigestion, bloating, gas, or cramps; Magical Uses: Love, health, immortality, and protection.

DAMIANA - Turnera diffusa

Aphrodisiac; relieves stress and tension; antidepressant; promotes digestive health; Magical Uses: Lust, sex magick and attracting love.

DANDELION ROOT - Taraxacum officinale

Fever reducer; cleanses the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas; use for chronic inflammatory conditions, PMS, and Menopause; sleep aid

DILL WEED - Anethum graveolens

Treats colic and gas, especially in children; stimulates lactation

Dong Quai

allergies, headache, congestion; known as the "Empress of Herbs" for it's ability to regulate the menstrual cycle and menopause; aids bone generation (osteoporosis);

DULSE - Palmaria palmata

Promote thyroid and bone health; good source of calcium and potassium; can lower blood pressure and strengthen eyesight; Magical Uses: Lust, harmony in the home, sea rituals and pacifying sea winds.


helps reduce cold and flu symptoms, indigestion, dizziness, migraines, UTIs, yeast infections, and fatigue; Magical Uses: Adds powerful strength to charms, sachets, and herb mixes.

ELDER FLOWERS - Sambucus nigra, ELDERBERRY, POWDER - Sambucus nigra, ELDERBERRIES - whole - Sambucus nigra

The Elder tree was called the "Elder Mother", Queen of the Underworld or Faery. Since faeries kidnap human souls, sleeping under the elder or using it's wood to make cradles was deemed perilous. The tree was also associated with the god Pan, the Lord of the Underworld, whose pipes were made from its hollow stems. Elder is one of the primal remedies of European tradition and was widely planted to be used as a "medicine cabinet". Used to treat the flu, colds, and respiratory infections; also used to make a syrup that boosts immune system in winter; "the great infant remedy"- used for croup, respiratory issues; treats anemia and menstruation problems like fibroids; Magical Uses: Sleep, releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, wisdom, house blessing and business blessing. Used in rites of death & dying to protect the loved one during transport to the Otherworld.

EUCALYPTUS - Eucalyptus nitens

Expectorant and antiseptic; used in sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary infection and congestion. Magical Uses: Attracts healing vibrations, great for protection and healing sachets. Use to purify any space.

FRANKINCENSE POWDER - Boswellia carteri

Immune boosting, anti-depressant, good for asthma and coughing fits; oil good for skin issues and oral health; Magical Uses: Successful ventures, cleansing, purification. Burn for protective work, consecration, and meditation. Used as an offering at Beltane, Lammas, and Yule.

GALANGAL ROOT POWDER - Alpinia officinarum

Used to treat indigestion, dyspepsia, and hemorrhoids. Said to be a cross between ginger and cayenne. Magical Uses: Magickal uses include winning in court, doubling money, hex breaking and sex magick.

GARLIC GRANULES - Allium sativum

One of the most ancient medicines in the world. Antimicrobial and detoxifying, garlic kills foreign bacteria and improves digestion. Stimulates metabolism. Good for cardiac and digestive health. Also known to help nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and weight loss. Magical Uses: healing, protection, exorcism, repulsion of vampires, and purification of spaces and objects. Used to invoke Hecate.

GINGER ROOT - Zingiber officinale

Fever reducer, treats cold or flu; reduces nausea from motion sickness, pregnancy, etc.; improves digestive health; expectorant; blood thinner, increases circulation; SPECIFIC for labor and delivery, connects mother and child in the womb, the tea unites everyone in the room in the spirit of delivery, keeps up strength in long labors (add honey to make blood sugar available); Mix freshly grated ginger with wine and let sit overnight, use result topically for acne or eye inflammation; Magical Uses: Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success.

GINGKO BILOBA - Fall Gold - Ginkgo biloba

Treats asthma and upper respiratory disorders; symbolizes longevity and enlightenment; improves circulation and cognitive function; Magical Uses: Aphrodisiac, associated with fertility.

HEATHER FLOWERS - Calluna vulgaris

Add to a bath for toning muscles and soothing rheumatic pain; antiseptic; diuretic; Good for nervous and menstrual issues; may open portals into the faery realm; Magical Uses: Protection, luck, and immortality.

HELICHRYSUM FLOWERS - whole - Helichrysum arenarium

diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral; aids in digestion; treats rheumatism; helps with cystitis and lethargy from PMS

HIBISCUS - Hibiscus sabdariffa

anti-oxidant, high in Vitamin C, used to treat cold and flu; aids menstruation; symbol of the goddess Kali; Magical Uses: Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams.

HOLY BASIL (TULSI), KRISHNA - Ocimum tenuiflorum

adaptogen; good for arthritis or fibromyalgia; relieves stress, anxiety, and inflammation

HOPS, FLOWERS - whole - Humulus lupulus

treats diarrhea, constipation, bloating, headaches, weight loss; good for healthy skin, anxiety, and sleeplessness; historically, Hops pillows were used to treat insomnia for both King George III and Abraham Lincoln; often used for male reproductive health and urinary issues; Magical uses: increase the restfulness & serenity of sleep.


Boosts energy and immune system; magical uses: Uses include snakebite and divination, clairvoyance

JUNIPER BERRY - Juniperus communis

Diuretic, treats diabetes and kidney disease and swelling; Good for head colds and PMS; Magical Uses: Banishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good, healthy energies and love.

Kava Kava Root Powder

relaxant, calming, euphoric effect, Magical Uses: Uses include aphrodisiac; potent sacramental drink; potions; induces visions; astral work; travel protection. Carry for success and job promotion.

KELP POWDER - Ascophyllum nodosum

Treats thyroid issues relating to iodine deficiency; vascular health; cleanses lymphatic system and kidneys

LAVENDER FLOWER POWDER - Lavandula spp., LAVENDER FLOWER, WHOLE - Lavandula x intermedia

Treats negative states of the soul (autonomic nervous system); calms nervousness and tension; cleansing; helps with insomnia due to overactive mind; Magical Powers: Magickal uses include love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, and peace. Promotes healing from depression.

LEMON BALM - Melissa officinalis

Nerve sedative, used for depression, anxiety, and insomnia; treats impotence and aids in conception; Magical Uses: Love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development.

Lemon Peel

Thirst quenching; reduces appetite and sugar cravings; treats sore throat, colds, and fevers; Gout ; Neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism; Good in the summer to relieve heat and Sunstroke (with salt)

LEMON VERBENA - Aloysia citriodora

Good for the digestive tract; soothes anxiety and insomnia; gentle fever reducer safe for children and the elderly; magical uses: Worn to increase attractiveness or to bed to prevent dreams

LEMONGRASS - Cymbopogon citratus

combats heat and strengthens connective tissues in the body; aids lymphatic and immune systems;Treats diarrhea, sprains, and pains; Magical Uses: Psychic cleansing and opening, lust potions.

LICORICE ROOT STICKS - whole - Glycyrrhiza uralensis

lubricating, cooling, and sedating to mucosa in coughs and stomach ulcers; Magical Uses: Love, lust, and fidelity.

LOBELIA - Lobelia inflata

"Indian tobacco", mimics nicotine, complete relaxant, large dose can induce vomiting; can help with asthma, depression, and memory issues; Magical Uses: Used for attracting love and preventing storms.

LONG PEPPER, WHOLE - Piper longum

Used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stomach issues: ache, heartburn, indigestion, gas, and diarrhea.

Lycii (Goji) Berries

High in antioxidants, these little berries can help protect the eyes against disease, the body from cancer cells, and the liver from damage. They can be beneficial for people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. they have been known to stabilize blood sugar and boost the immune system.

MACA - Lepidium meyenii

Increase libido and improve fertility, reduce erectile dysfunction, boost energy and endurance, soothe menopause discomfort and side effects

MARSHMALLOW LEAF - Althaea officinalis

cough and sore throat relief; good for skin and respiratory system; Anti-inflammatory; Diuretic; good to balance side effects of chemotherapy

Marshmallow root

Palliative for bowel disease (Crohn's and colitis); Good for skin irritation, sore throat, mucus relief; mild laxative properties; Magical uses: Protection and psychic powers.


Super antioxidants that promote healthy brains and hearts and assist with weight loss


Aids grief and emotional pain, mood swings; relieves migraines and tension; Magical uses: Used for fertility, creativity, prevention of illness/misfortune, and protection from negative spells & magick. Hang in the home for protection from lightning & fire. Wear in an amulet to repel negativity & ill will and protect against unwanted advances. Use to draw in customers, money and business.

MUGWORT - Artemisia vulgaris

Associated with Artemis, goddess of the Moon and mother of nature. Restorative to the injured female nature: reduces painful menstrual cramps and PMS, helps to heal after abortion, miscarriage, labor; Helps sooth temperments, insomnia and sleep issues; magical uses: moon magic; Carried to increase lust & fertility, prevent backache and cure disease & madness.


Verbascum thapus - Mullein is a plant that has been used throughout history. Mullein is a light bringer, from Roman times up until recently the leaves of mullein were dipped in wax or tallow and used as a lamp wick or torch. Energetically Mullein summons energies of courage, love, and protection. It is commonly used as a powerful ingredient in an herbal protection amulet to ward off nightmares, unwelcome entities, or in the car for safety while traveling. Medicinally mullein aids one with ailments of the throat and lungs, nervousness, lymph drainage, and pain. It has long been used to treat coughs and sore throats. Its mucilaginous properties can be used as an emollient to bring water to dry, hardened, and closed places. Mullein is also a potent ally when used in herbal smoking blends as it has many benefits for lungs, throat, sinuses, etc. Mullein grows in a sharp upward fashion from the ground, which is analogous to the way it works in the body. When smoked it causes a more open feeling in the head and brain. It is also said to straighten the spine and lubricate the connective tissue. Mullein is not only beneficial to the body, but has a calming effect on the mind allowing those suffering from congested thought patterns and mental tightness to experience release and expansion.

MUSTARD SEED, BROWN - Brassica nigra, MUSTARD, YELLOW - Sinapis alba

Anti-inflammatory, aid in asthma attacks, arthritis, high blood pressure, and migraines; Magical uses: Courage, faith, and endurance.

MYRRH GUM RESIN - Commiphora myrrha

Medicinal use dates back to 1700 BC. Used topically to cleanse infected wounds; treats diabetes; known as the "cleanser and strengthener of the womb"- treating infections, abnormal discharge, menopause, sore nipples, uterine tumors, and helps pass afterbirth after a difficult labor; Magical Uses: Spiritual opening, meditation, and healing. This herb has high psychic vibrations that will enhance any magickal working.

MYRTLE LEAF - Myrtus communis

A sacred plant of Aphrodite, Myrtle is associated with marriage, love, fidelity, and protection. Used to support lung function and treat coughs or respiratory infections. Magical Uses: Love, fertility, youth, peace, and money.

NETTLE LEAF - Urtica dioica

anti-inflammatory, toxin removal; one of the plants highest in protein; nutritive; used as iron tonic during pregnancy; restores function to inactive or atrophied body parts or systems, muscle strengthener; use for impotence; Magickal uses include dispelling darkness & fear, strengthening the will, and aiding in the ability to handle emergencies. Sprinkle in the home to drive off evil & negativity.

Oat Tops Whole

Consumed by humans since prehistoric times, Oat Tops provide much needed nutrients to a depleted system. Great for nerves- use when stressed, overworked, over-extended, exhausted, etc. Restore emotional balance.


Great for arthritis and rheumatism (fibromyalgia); exhaustion of nervous system; tense shoulders; PMS with headache, exhaustion, panic, or nausea; Magical uses: money and prosperity.

OLIVE LEAF - Olea europaea

antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic; Magickal uses include peace, potency, fertility, healing, protection and lust

ORANGE PEEL - Citrus sinensis

Treats cough, bronchitis, and lack of appetite. Magickal uses include love, divination, luck, money and house & business blessing.

Orris Root

mild diuretic and anti-inflammatory; used for sore throats and sinus headaches; Magical Uses: popularity, persuasiveness, and personal success.

Osha Root

Traditionally used by hispanic and native american cultures, osha root is used as an antiviral against cold, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Also used for digestion. Magical Uses: Protection against evil spirits

PALO SANTO - powder - Bursera graveolens

purification, meditation, to increase the flow of the bodies energy, and to ward off bad energy/spirits, misfortune, and calamity

PAPRIKA, SMOKED - Capsicum annuum

Anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E; boosts energy in spellcraft

PASSIONFLOWER - Passiflora incarnata

use for anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and withdrawal; Magical uses: attracting friendship and prosperity and heightening libido.

PATCHOULI LEAF - Pogostermon cablin

Use topically for pain relief and anti-inflammatory purposes; scent is an aphrodisiac; magically brings money and love


treats diabetes, eczema, STIs, UTIs, and infections; Magical uses: the ritual healing of severe disease


History of being used as a contraceptive or abortifacient; helps regulate menstrual cycles and issues; digestive aid; Magickal uses include peace and tranquility. Carried to avoid seasickness or for physical strength & endurance.

PEPPERMINT - Mentha piperita

digestive aid; promotes oral health; soothes headaches, stress, and general discomfort; Magical uses: increase the vibrations of a space or in spells and incense for healing & purification.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Boosts electrolytes, soothes a sore throat

Pink Peppercorns Whole

Anti-oxidant. anti-inflammatory, and antiviral

PLANTAIN - Plantago major

"Drawing agent"- can pull foreign substances out of the body, particularly used for any type of venom as well as infected wounds; treats pink eye and inflammation, abscess in mouth, bladder and kidney infections; Magical uses: Protection from evil spirits and snake bites, removing weariness, healing headaches; house & business blessing.

POPPY SEED, BLUE - Papaver somniferum

Sacred to Demeter, goddess of the harvest; magical use: Pleasure, heightened awareness, love, luck, invisibility.; high in fiber, B vitamins; good for digestive, heart, and immune health

RASPBERRY LEAF - Rubus idaeus

The pregnancy herb; suitable for all female reproductive issues and reproductive health; Magical uses: healing, protection, love.

RED CLOVER - Trifolium pratense

Specifically treats the glands of the body and is therefore good for: mastitis, issues with salivary glands or sinuses, cancer, and swollen glands. Magical uses: fidelity, love, money, protection, and the blessing of domestic animals.

REISHI MUSHROOM - slices - Ganoderma lucidum

sympathetic excess, nervous exhaustion, and adrenal burnout; reduces autoimmune excess; also good for nerve and muscle pains and spasms and conditions like myasthenia gravis, arthritis, chronic degenerative conditions, and autoimmune disease

ROSE BUDS - whole - Rosa damascena

autoimmune; anxiety; high in vitamin C, antioxidant; used for acute respiratory issues; chronic inflammation; Magickal uses include divine love, close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships.

ROSEHIPS - Rosa canina

autoimmune; anxiety; high in vitamin C, antioxidant; used for acute respiratory issues; chronic inflammation; magical uses: healing spells and mixtures, brings good luck, calls in good spirits.

SAFFLOWER - Carthamus tinctorius

remove blood stagnation, adhesions, and bruises; cleanse septic infection

SAGE LEAF - Salvia officinalis, SAGE, WHITE PIECES - Salvia apiana, SAGE, WHITE POWDER

Sore throat (tea w/ honey and lemon); fevers; blood thinner; endocrine stabilizer; treats older people with dryness of skin, hair, mucosa; relieves mental lethargy, depression, poor concentration, loss of memory, grief, insomnia, excessive perspiration; libido stabilizer; magical uses: Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss. Carried to improve mental ability and bring wisdom.

SASSAFRAS BARK POWDER - Sassafras albidum

diuretic, good for kidney health; boost immune system; reduces inflammation; magical: health, money, overcoming addiction; Magickal uses include health, money and overcoming addictions.

SHIITAKE MUSHROOM - Lentinula edodes

Used for boosting the immune system, HIV/AIDS, lowering blood cholesterol levels, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, eczema, colds and flu, treating prostate or breast cancer, and as an anti-aging agent. It is also used for hepatitis B, herpes, high blood pressure, and stomach ache.


Good for IBS, bladder problems, cough and sore throat, UTIs, heartburn, GERD; Magickal uses include protection and halting gossip

SPIRULINA POWDER - Arthrospira platensis

Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, "superfood" full of nutrients; helps manage healthy cholesterol and diabetes

ST JOHNS WORT - Hypericum perforatum

Used since prehistoric times and often affiliated with fairies and the little people; alleviates anxiety, depression, and stress; add valerian root for insomnia; important wound medicine; Magical uses: Worn to prevent colds & fevers. Placed under pillow to induce prophetic, romantic dreams. Protects against all forms of black witchcraft.

STEVIA - Stevia rebaudiana

Can help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels; fights cavities

SUNFLOWER PETALS - Helianthus annuus

symbol of longevity; Energy, protection, power, wisdom, and wishes.

THYME - Thymus vulgaris

improves immunity and self-identity; parasympathetic relaxant; enhances digestion; Magical uses: Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others. Wear a sprig to ward off unbearable grief or provide strength and courage when needed. Burn or hang in the home for banishing, purification, and to attract good health for all occupants.

TURMERIC - Curcuma longa

Increases circulation; promotes the menses; relieves pain in liver and gallbladder

Uva Ursi

increasing intuitive and psychic powers


Aphrodisiac; good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese; Magickal uses include love, lust, passion, and restoring lost energy

WHEATGRASS SEEDS - Triticum aestivum

Grows a superfood, great for juicing! Magical: Fertility and conception

WHEATGRASS, POWDER - Triticum aestivum

Full of nutrients and antioxidants

White Peony Root

Helps with excess estrogen; good for regulating menstruation; headaches and discomfort associated with menses; menopause relief; Epilepsy and seizures


Aids in weight loss, protects against cancer and heart disease

WITCH HAZEL LEAF - Hamamelis virginiana

Good for hemorrhoids, acne control, scalp sensitivity, sore throat, infection, disinfectant; Magickal uses include chastity and protection. Carry to ease grief over a lost love.

YARROW - Achillea millefolium

Used by Achilles to heal his wounded soldiers during the Trojan War; associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love; Used to read the I Ching for millenia; magically connected to the flow of energy; medicinally: wound healing, digestive aid, menstrual aid; Magical Uses include healing, handfasting & weddings, and divination. Draws love. Carry as a sachet or amulet to banish negativity, ward off fear, and promote courage, confidence, and psychic opening. Frequently used in marriage charms and love sachets.


Boosts energy and mental focus, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, immune booster, may protect against heart disease; Magical uses: Fidelity, love and lust