You Serve, You Deserve

You Serve, You Deserve


Thursday March 28th, 2019 - 6:30pm

Are you always taking care of others? If you’re a parent, spouse, wellness or holistic practitioner, manager, or business owner, you give so much of yourself to those you love + serve. Yet likely you forget to take care of yourself. You might feel selfish or guilty about it, but in order to be the best for those who need you, you must take care of yourself first!

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In this transformative workshop, Self-Worth Coach Jessica Juliano will lovingly guide you through a process to: -Develop a powerful vision for how investing in yourself and your desires will elevate your ability to care for your loved ones and customers -Uncover the #1 thing stopping you from truly owning your worth and deservability -Transform your inner dialogue to create more support, love, + confidence to prioritize your own needs while still powerfully serving others You are WORTH IT!