December 8th // 6:30 pm

Are you curious about the ancient art of smudging?

Would you like to know how smudging can greatly enhance your daily life, home, and spiritual practice?

Want to make your own personalized smudge stick ?

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Smudging is an ancient art that utilizes the smoke of burning sacred plants to cleanse, heal, and/or bless.

In this workshop you will learn about the ancient art of smudging, how to do it with respect and honor, and also how to make your own smudge wand.

Each participant will get to create two custom 6 inch smudge sticks made with fresh organic white sage, crystals, and flowers. Each smudge can be custom tailored to each persons needs. We will have a plethora of different crystals, herbs, and flowers to incorporate into the smudge sticks.

No prior knowledge of smudging needed. All are welcome!

Taught by Kim Vorperian, owner and founder of Bodhi Basics.