Full Moon Sacred Tea Ceremony with Ashley Smith

Full Moon Sacred Tea Ceremony with Ashley Smith


Offered January 18th, February 15th, and March 16th at 6:30pm

Sacred Tea Ceremony is a journey into the Heart. We come together and sit in silence as we connect to the ways of the ancients. Ceremonial grade incense burns as we settle in with a few deep breaths and the sounds of ambient music supporting our process. Together we sit in silence as I open the field and begin to serve you one of Nature’s greatest medicines. Each bowl of tea gently guides us into a meditative softening, an opening to our inner realms. Through this space that Tea creates we are able to listen, to truly hear our Highest Selves. The leaves used in our ceremonies are extremely unique in that they are all organic and come from, wild, old growth trees and plants that are sustainably grown and harvested by farmers who love, respect, and understand the power of this medicine. Living Tea, as it is known in my tradition, has the power to cleanse, purify, ground and heal the Spirit, and when treated as ancient medicine, will guide us to subtle areas within that will be gently healed and processed. Qi is balanced and with each ceremony we are born anew.

For our this ceremony we will be drinking a grounding and nourishing aged shouh puerh tea. The wisdom and the essence of the trees and of the Earth can be experienced through the divine dance of the elements that alchemize to unlock and deliver them to us in each bowl. Each bowl brings us deeper into the Earth, deeper into our Selves. We receive guidance, insights, and a clarity of mind.

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Tea found Ashley while she was living abroad in Taiwan in 2014. She had the great fortune of studying with Internationally recognized Tea Master, Wu De, of Global Tea Hut. The practice that has been shared with her has completely changed her life, bringing Ashley to a place of deeper purity, greater connection and powerful inner peace and one that she takes refuge in every single day.

Cost is $35/person.

Ceremonies will be held on January 18th, February 15th, and March 16th at 6:30pm

Please pre-register, as space is limited!