Herbal Care for Creatives, Shakers, and Change Makers

Herbal Care for Creatives, Shakers, and Change Makers

from 25.00

October 25th

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

with herbalist and artist Hannah Pearl Walcott (Fairfax, CA)

Let’s take the buzz out of the buzz words “self-care” and talk about what that really means.

This earth and its living beings are in  need  of  great  healing, and all healing starts with the self. Affecting change in the world can be extremely depleting when we are not taking proper care of ourselves. Many of us are “burning the candle at both ends”, resulting in anxiety, depression, and chronic sickness. Real change, both individually and globally, cannot occur without self-care and self-love. This is where plant medicine can be our greatest ally. Incorporating healing herbs into our lives is a daily reminder of the ancient bond with our first mother: Nature. When we treat ourselves with care, we cause less harm to others. This is liberation.

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We will be touching, tasting and smelling a selection of key medicinal plants, focusing on the classifications of adaptogens and nervines. Each participant will have a chance to custom blend their own loose tea, which they can take home with them.   

Please bring a notebook and your open heart