Flowers Forever: Floral Preservation Workshop

Flowers Forever: Floral Preservation Workshop


Sunday January 6th, 2019 // 1:00-2:45

This is a class for anyone who's looked at a flower and wondered if it was possible to preserve it's beauty past a few weeks.

Join preservation artist Jeannette St. Amour as we learn the best ways to keep our favorite bouquets vibrant and strong for years to come.

Students will be able to experiment with several methods of floral preservation, and get to take home the results!

Some of the techniques we will be discussing and playing around with include:

- wax coating

- glycerin

- pressing

- drying

- silica gel

- hairspray

- resin

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Bringing your own fresh flowers and herbs is encouraged, but flowers will be provided to use and take home.

You will get an informational handout plus experimentation and your own wax dipped flowers to take home.

Most techniques take several days or weeks to complete. Kits for further experimentation will be available for purchase day of for $35