CONNECTION SERIES: Part 3 - Self-Connection Through Ritual

CONNECTION SERIES: Part 3 - Self-Connection Through Ritual


In this series, Christina Echevarria will guide you through several perspectives and paths with which we connect deeply to ourselves and to the world around us. These talks are holistically focused and offer practical tools that touch each part of our essence- mind, body, soul- for a whole-person and integrated approach to wellness.

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This course listing is for the 3rd course in the Connection Series:  Self-Connection Through Ritual

3) Self-Connection Through Ritual- Rituals are a powerful way to commit to self-care and thriving everyday.  Learn ways to create rituals throughout your daily life to infuse mindfulness, awareness, intention and self-love into your everyday experience.

Class date: March 31st

Class time: 11 am - 12:15

Other classes in this series include:

1) Connecting to Nature for Holistic Wellness - January 29th

2) Cycle-Syncing for Connecting to Your Feminine Power - February 24th