Awakening Woman /// A Lunar Ritual to Honor Samhain

Awakening Woman /// A Lunar Ritual to Honor Samhain


11/7/2018, 6:30-8:30pm

This sacred ritual will honor the Celtic holiday of Samhain, the ending and beginning of the Celtic New Year.

At Samahin, the veils between the seen and unseen worlds are thin. Making it one of the most magical of all the 8 high holy days on the Wheel of the Year. This is a time of year to connect with ancestors, to dream and vision, and to connect to the wisdom that is within.

In honor of the dark half of the year, the time of year that is most supportive of a slow journey of regeneration, inward focus, rest and integration of the past year- we will be gathering in celebration!

In our sacred ritual we will be connecting to the Crone Goddess- represented across cultures as: Cerridwen, Sheela Na Gig, Baba Yaga, the Dark Goddess, Hecate, Kali, and Lillith.

After settling in and introducing ourselves, creating our altar, and opening the sacred field, we will be moving through trance states with support from the frame drum, scrying, and breath work. Let the power of this time of death and rebirth move you into the great cycles of change!

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Please bring a cushion and blanket to sit on, an item that honors someone who has passed for the altar, a journal, and a musical instrument if you have one. Come in black, if you feel inspired!