How to Walk Your Own Path - Actualizing a Prosperous Indie Business

How to Walk Your Own Path - Actualizing a Prosperous Indie Business


January 29th, 2018

6 pm - 7 pm

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Want to start a business?

Have a business that's not everything you dreamed it would be?

Want to feel passionate about your work?

In this class local indie-minded accountant Rebecca Freedman will cover the following small business essentials:

-Learn how to find your focus and reach your goals

-Discover how organization can complement your creative process

-Come make your dreams a reality by letting go of limiting thoughts and finding your unique path!

Rebecca Freedman is a local accountant, who specializes in helping indie businesses grow and thrive.


A word from Bodhi:  "Rebecca has been an integral part of keeping me grounded and financially stable during the ever morphing whirlwind that is small business ownership.   Throughout the years of owning and operating a small business often times you can lose sight of the inspiration and spark that made you want to do it in the first place.  Rebecca has helped me rediscover and take hold of what I truly enjoy about Bodhi Basics and make a plan to focus and reintegrate those special parts back into my business structure.  It has been a game changer for my happiness and health and not to mention has fostered new revenue streams and increased sales.  This class is perfect for any individual who either currently owns or wants to start a small business.   Whether you've had your dream job for years and want to learn how to make it more enjoyable, prosperous, and manageable, OR  you are in the beginning stages of formulating what you want to do and making it a reality.   Everyone will take away useful, practical and vital knowledge about how to find what they are looking for out of an indie business and make it profitable."