An intention candle dedicated to the Sun, the  source of all life, ruler of the sky, our brilliant and ever watchful  star.

Created to be burned during intention setting, ritual work, or as an altar candle. The meaning behind the Sun candle is to bring focus and attention to working with our own radiance,  confidence,  sense of soul purpose, and vitality. In addition to this, it can also be used as a candle to honor the Sun itself or any solar deities of your choice. Great for Solar days and holidays, seasonal shifts, and to help connect with the light during the darker seasons of the year.

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“Bearer of fruit, almighty lord of years, agile warm, whom every power reveres". -from the Orphic hymn to the Sun

 In astrology, the Sun is the center of all,  our source of light and life, it is our vitality. Ruling the zodiacal sign of Leo, the Sun is confident, inspiring, bold, radiating warmth and heart centered love. The Sun speaks to our souls purpose and can help to connect and guide us towards that. 

There have been many different Sun Gods throughout time and varying cultures and this candle can be used to honor any of those that are associated with the Sun. Some commonly known deities being Apollo, Ra, Surya and Sol. 

 Some other associations with the Sun are  :

  • success

  • dignity and authority

  • courage

  • notoriety or stardom

  • connecting with your heart

  • allowing yourself to be seen and being seen in your best light

  • will power

  • life direction

Hand poured with 100% pure  beeswax, dressed with calendula flowers, St. John’s Wort, cinnamon, citrine, and orange. These particular herbs and minerals are all meaningful and sacred  to the Sun and its significations. As with all intention candles, this one is never scented so that it doesn’t interfere with your ritual and you can choose other scents to include. 

Intention candles can be used in any manner you feel drawn to. Often they are used in ritual, prayer, meditation or in ceremony but feel free to adapt it to what works for you. It can be burned as simply as during a bath or while writing/working. The most important part is your intention.

**For best results with your intention candle,  burn this candle for 2-3 hours maximum and never leaving the candle unattended.*Keep the wick centered and trimmed 1/8”-1/4" before lighting it each time for a clean, safe and even burn. Extinguish the candle if the flame seems too high and /or smoking occurs. 

“Burning beeswax candles is said to have healing properties by producing negative ions,  purifying the air and improving one’s health, energy and mood.” These candles are left unscented due to the warm, rich scent of honey that the beeswax produces. 

Measures approx. 8" tall and 2.3" diameter