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This listing is for one fresh smudge bundle from my garden intentionally made to support the ACLU in their lawsuits against the abortion ban in affected states.

Each small bundle ranges in size but are relatively 3 inches long and a half inch wide.. Made with fresh mugwort, sage, thyme, rose, and other locally grown plants.

Donate as much as you would like. Donate as many times as you like for as many bundles. Each donation will count for 1 bundle.


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Silence in the face of heinous acts by any form of government is never acceptable.   By passing recent abortion bans in a growing number of states we are putting citizens of this country at risk, most of whom will be the poor and people of color.   We all have either known someone who has had an abortion or experienced it ourselves.   The reasons may differ and it is a personal choice as to where you stand, but it is undeniable that there is safety in legalization.  The future of this country scares me if those who have a voice don’t use it.  So here is mine:  Keep your bans off my body.  Government should be for the people, not pitting us against each other.  Government should be protecting the people, not instilling the people with fear, or putting those who cannot afford safety in danger.   Reproductive rights are human rights.  They affect every single one of us,  some carry the weight of these rights heavier than others.   I am teaming up with my partner Jeff Williams of @sunsigns.stpete on a collaborative project to raise money for the lawsuits raised against the abortion ban in affected states.   More info about that to come... but for now, I’ve made these fresh smudge sticks to raise donations before that happens.     The smudge bouquets and bundles are made from mugwort, sage, and roses that picked from my garden.  They are grown with love, made with love, will be dried with love by those who pick them up, and will hopefully spread love through the air when burned.    With action, prayer, and love I know I can make a difference.  But, it’s when we come together that our voice is strong, loud, and hard to ignore.    Please make some noise, take action, and hold those in power accountable for their actions.