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5 gram box

All of our incense cones are made using only pure, organic, and plant-based ingredients.   They are a cleaner burning and healthier option for those of us that can't be without our incense.  

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Made from scratch in house, these little cones are a unique game changer in the world of incense.  

Each kind of incense that we make not only smells good, but it also has different energetic properties.


Cleanse - white sage + palo Santo  - Protective + Cleansing + positivity - Air - CONES

Sweetgrass + Palo Santo - Uplifting + friendly spirit's protection + Purifying - Air - STICKS (price is per stick) 

Patchouli + Rose - earthy + seductive - sexuality + grounding + love - Earth - PYRAMIDS 

Dragonsblood + Black Copal - spicy + resinous - protection + cleansing + spirituality - CONES

FLORA - lavender + rose + chamomile + ylang ylang - Air/Water - PYRAMIDS

Love Spell - Passion + Divination + Beauty - Water - PYRAMIDS

Bay Rum - Manifestations + Protection + Money - Earth/Fire - CONES

Fire - Purification, Protection + Abundance + Creativity - Fire - CONES

Samhain- THE SEER- This handmade incense blend was intentionally crafted to aid in boosting the potency of workings with the spirit realm at this time of year. Burn to foster connection, induce visions, and prophetic dreams. Crafted with ancient herbs of wormwood combined with mugwort to call upon or banish spirits this is a very potent incense blend for ritual or daily use. Herbs that bless this blend include: Dragonsblood, rue, labdanum, oak moss, lemongrass, and poppy seed.