Heal and Harmonize Kit

Heal and Harmonize Kit


The perfect kit for someone who needs a little extra rest, relaxation, and self love.

This kit can be used all in combination during a cleansing and restorative bath ritual, or can be used in pieces and parts as you see fit.  

There is no right way, just find the way that works best for you and your self care ritual.  

Have fun, relax, and enjoy you time!

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* Journal - great for dream journaling, meditations, daily gratitude, lists, drawing, etc.

Made by SayNoMore

* Handmade Organic Soap - calming, restorative, protective

* Crystals -

Rose Quartz : Self Love, healing, romance, beauty

Rainbow Moonstone (white) : intuition, heightens mental power, moon goddess

Chrysocolla - healing burnout, expression, communication, throat chakra, balancing, water

* Field of Flora Tea

* Soaking Salts - Juniper Pines  

* 3 Tea Lights - perfect lighting for a calm zone

Slide in, take a deep breath, and enjoy.