Good Vibes Kit

Good Vibes Kit


Bad juju beware.  This is the perfect starter kit for anyone who is interested in learning about smudge, upping their current smudge game, or for those who just moved into a new home!

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Whether new to smudge or a seasoned smudge-user this kit is the perfect gift for those who are openminded and into the more subtle energies that make up our living environment.   This kit is everything one needs to completely cleanse a space of unwanted negative juju or bad vibes and welcome in positive and calming energies. 

This kit includes:

  • 1 - 6 inch white sage bundle
  • 1 - small palo Santo smudge
  • 1 - quartz crystal 
  • 1 - guide to using your smudge 
  • Locally harvested juniper and juniper berries 

Happy Smudging!