This small batch Full Moon Water has been charged by the Full Pink Moon that occurred on April 11, 2017.

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The fourth full moon of the 2017 cycle is traditionally known as the Pink Moon.   Native Americans named this moon after the moss pink herb, or wild ground phlox flower, which is widespread and flowering by spring.   Being the first full moon after the Spring Equinox,  this moon represents the strength that comes with enduring the winter months and the hope and change that it brings.  

Our Pink Moon is in airy Libra which is a harmonious, balance seeking, and peaceful sign.   Astrologers are predicting that there is dynamic change in the air.    Use this F.M.W. to harness the graceful balancing attributes of this sign to reach inner peace and stability.  Like a tree in a storm we must bend with the winds and rise above the underbrush to give us a clearer and more neutral perspective.  With Libra in your corner and a deep understanding of self within you can navigate stress-inducuing situations and any tension filled circumstances that come your way.   Venus is the ruler of our Libra Full Moon and brings with her the healing energy we need to address deep, inner wounds.  This is a time to dive deep into the self and make sure we are addressing what is truly the root of our hurt.  Only when we heal ourselves can we then address the world with an open and trusting heart.  

This unique blend is infused with specific stones, gems, botanicals, and oils that correspond to April 11th's Full Pink Moon in Libra.   Some of them include:  bergamot, ravintsara, myrrh, clary sage, elderberry, howood, moonstone, citrine, and labradorite.   The scent of this Full Moon Water is sensual, herbaceous, and peaceful; meant to evoke feelings of calm and hope, the arrival of spring, venus's influence, and a strong welcoming to the path that has been presented to us.

Full Moon water can be used for many diverse applications: 

* As a relaxing and restorative bath additive (our personal favorite)

* Body Splash
* Blessing candles
* Spell Enhancer
* Boost Psychic Awareness
* Chakra + Aura Cleansing
* Anointing money for wealth

* Meditation Aid

and many other witchy or non witchy applications.

This listing is for one 8 oz apothecary-style dropper bottle of Full Moon water carefully crafted on April 11th, 2017.  

We make a new batch every full moon corresponding to the significant aspects of the particular moon.  Collect all 12 for use in ritual, body care, or whatever you desire.