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This small batch Full Moon Water is crafted for and charged by the full super moon that occurred on January 1st, 2018.

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Happy 2018!   What better way to celebrate a new year than with a Full Wolf Supermoon in Cancer on New Years Day!

Super moon's occur when the moon is at a very close proximity to Earth.  The proximity makes the moon look bigger and brighter than usual.  It also enhances all the power that this moon brings with it.   Cancerian moons are watery and alive with heightened emotion, sensitivity, and intuition.   When you combine Cancer's inclination toward inward knowing with the power of this supermoon we are on an intense track to getting our New Year's intentions in check and searching deep to pinpoint our weaknesses and strong points that will affect our goals.   Use the power of this full moon water to support and encourage you on the beginning of this year's journey.    For a more in-depth look into what was going on astrologically at the time this moon water was made check out one of our favorites, Mystic Mamma.

Wolf Moon is the term for the first full moon of the year according to Native American tradition.   The name came about from the howling of the wolves outside of villages around this time of year.   The wolves were cold, hungry, and their howls seemed louder and more discernible as a result.  This moon always makes me think of La Loba or the Wolf Woman from old fairy tales.   She is known to wander the desert and mountains in search of bones, primarily wolf bones.  When she gathers enough bones to complete her full wolf skeleton she then sings it to life.  Her song creates flesh and fur that turn the bones into a hot blooded she wolf.  The wolf then leaves the cave from which it was resurrected and is free to wander the planes, plateaus and valleys.    This ancient tale may not be directly associated with the Wolf Moon, but the story is intrinsically connected in my mind, especially with the moon being in it's home sign Cancer, the Great Mother.  

This unique blend is infused with specific stones, gems, botanicals, and oils that correspond to January 1st's Full Wolf Supermoon in Cancer.  We have included: jasmine, mugwort, rainbow moonstone, clay sage, tuberose, oak moss, holy basil, abalone shell, and other botanicals and gemstones in this limited-batch that work with and harness this supermoon's power.  

Full Moon water can be used for many diverse applications: 

* As a relaxing and restorative bath additive (our personal favorite)
* Blessing candles
* Spell Enhancer
* Boost Psychic Awareness
* Chakra + Aura Cleansing
* Anointing money for wealth

* Yoga practice

* Meditation Aid

and many other witchy or non-witchy applications.

This listing is for one 8 oz apothecary-style dropper bottle of Full Moon water or it's sister concentrated essential oil blend both carefully crafted and infused on January 1st, 2018.   This unique batch was infused throughout the night surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

* The cost for this full moon water is higher than normal due to the high price of the oils and botanicals used in this particular blend.   We couldn't help but use oils such as the luxurious jasmine and peaty oak moss to make this batch special and perfectly suited for this unique moon.