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This small batch Full Moon Water is crafted for and charged by the full super moon that occurred on December 3rd, 2017.

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Super moon's occur when the moon is at a very close proximity to Earth.  The proximity makes the moon look bigger and brighter than usual.  It also enhances all the power that this moon in the airy sign of Gemini holds.   Lovingly referred to as the "Long Snows Moon" or Cold Moon this full moon is the perfect addition to your daily meditations to manifest a gorgeous ending to 2017 and a positive start to the new year.   This is the perfect time to focus on conclusions by releasing and letting go of what no longer aids you.  Transcending old beliefs and habits will help make space for you to think, see and feel more clearly which is much needed with the onslaught of feels overload that this moon brings with it.   

Infused with Gemini-centric herbs, oils, and gemstones this full moon water will aid you in navigating the somewhat confusing and information-full end of the year.    The close proximity of this full moon and the fact that Mercury just went into retrograde makes it a particularly important time to use grounding techniques that help center and focus.  We have added a number of botanicals that support this purpose and aids in the act of release and letting go of what no longer aids you for the coming year.   For an in depth and expert analysis on what is going on during this time astrologically please check out one of our favorite astrologers, Mystic Mama.   

This unique blend is infused with specific stones, gems, botanicals, and oils that correspond to December 3rd's Full Suer Moon in Gemini.  We have included: citrine, quartz, bergamot, juniper, Siberian fir, cinnamon, clove and other botanicals in this limited-batch that work with and harness this moon's power.  

Full Moon water can be used for many diverse applications: 

* As a relaxing and restorative bath additive (our personal favorite)
* Blessing candles
* Spell Enhancer
* Boost Psychic Awareness
* Chakra + Aura Cleansing
* Anointing money for wealth

* Meditation Aid

and many other witchy applications.

This listing is for one 8 oz apothecary-style dropper bottle of Full Moon water or it's sister concentrated essential oil blend both carefully crafted and infused on December 3rd, 2017.