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This small batch Full Moon Water has been charged by the Full Corn Moon that occurred on September 6th, 2017.

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The ninth full moon of the 2017 cycle is traditionally known as the Harvest Moon as it is usually the closest to the Autumn Equinox.   This year things are a little different as the full moon in October falls closer to the equinox on September 22nd.   When this happens September's full moon goes by its alternate name: the Full Corn Moon.   Native Americans named it so due to the time of year the corn is harvested.   

Our Full Corn Moon is in watery Pisces which is a romantic, expressive and creative sign.   This month's moon is on the tail end of a vibrant eclipse season that brought with it lots of change and crazy energy.  This moon ushers in a heightened sense of our internal workings and our connection to others.  Emotions will be flowing and things might get a little blurry and confusing, but if we hold on and tune in to our inner guide illumination and realizations will come.  Just keep in mind that patience is key.   If you are interested in a more detailed and through reading of what this moon means check out one of our favorite astrologers Chani Nicholas and her article on this month's tidings.

Our unique blend of Full Moon Water is infused with specific stones, gems, botanicals, and oils that correspond to September 6th's Full Corn Moon in Pisces.   Some of them include:  nutmeg, clove, sweet orange, vetiver, saint john's wort, vanilla, and amethyst.   The scent of this Full Moon Water is spicy, uplifting,  comforting, cozy, and citrusy.  

Full Moon water can be used for many diverse applications: 

* As a relaxing and restorative bath additive (our personal favorite)

* In your essential oil diffuser

* Body Splash
* Blessing candles
* Spell Enhancer
* Boost Psychic Awareness
* Chakra + Aura Cleansing
* Anointing money for wealth

* Meditation Aid

and many other witchy or non witchy applications.

This listing is for one 8 oz apothecary-style dropper bottle of Full Moon water carefully crafted on September 5th-6th, 2017.  

We make a new batch every full moon corresponding to the significant aspects of the particular moon.  Collect all 12 for use in ritual, body care, or whatever you desire.