This small batch Full Moon Water has been charged by the Full FLOWER Moon that occurred on May 10, 2017.

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The fifth full moon of the 2017 cycle is traditionally known as the Flower Moon.   Native Americans named this moon after the  blooming and blossoming beauty that occurs in our natural world this time of year.    

Our Flower Moon is in watery Scorpio which is a very intense and emotional sign.   This is a great benefit during this period as it helps aid self-reflection and self-assessment with sharpened eyes and an open heart.   This moon's energy helps us find those parts of ourselves that may have been hidden and are in need of being brought to light.   Let this potion give you the motivation and insight to delve deeper into the self, find those vulnerable parts of yourself you've been hiding, and give yourself the space, time, and love to heal.  This Full Moon in Scorpio brings with it a powerful and vibrant energy that has been building throughout the year and peaks with this moon. A lot has happened and a lot has changed so far this year, but at this crossroads you get to choose how to view your journey and move forward. The light you choose to view your current position in life in is in your power. Will you choose to see the path you've taken year with an understanding and hopeful heart? Or will you dwell on the trials and tribulations you've been though to date without seeing how much stronger and wiser you've become as a result?

This unique blend is infused with specific stones, gems, botanicals, and oils that correspond to May 10th's Full Flower Moon in Scorpio.   Some of them include:  lemon, ylang ylang, cucumber, onyx, nettle, wintergreen, and amethyst.   The scent of this Full Moon Water is bright, vibrant, and refreshing; this blend is meant to invigorate and inspire you to accept the challenges that life has presented you with at this point and move forward with grace and hope.  

Full Moon water can be used for many diverse applications: 

* As a relaxing and restorative bath additive (our personal favorite)

* Body Splash
* Blessing candles
* Spell Enhancer
* Boost Psychic Awareness
* Chakra + Aura Cleansing
* Anointing money for wealth

* Meditation Aid

and many other witchy or non witchy applications.

This listing is for one 8 oz apothecary-style dropper bottle of Full Moon water carefully crafted on May 10th, 2017.  

We make a new batch every full moon corresponding to the significant aspects of the particular moon.  Collect all 12 for use in ritual, body care, or whatever you desire.