10 mL roll on

deep, spicy, and sensual

Botanical perfuming has long been a sincere passion of mine and I would finally like to introduce years of testing and tweaking to you.   Each complex perfume is meticulously crafted with pure essential oils, plant-based resins and extracts to create an alluring and incredibly unique scent.   All of our roll-on perfumes are small-batch infused in organic jojoba for multiple weeks until they're just right.  Each scent will combine and compliment every individual's pheremones differently making it truly your own personal scent.  

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Whiskey, leather, and lace mix with the exotic spice of fresh dirt and moss.  Intoxicating and sexy as hell.  


All of our scents layer beautifully together.   Some of our favorite combinations are:

Bambi+Lumbersexual = picking flowers in a wooded wonderland

Earth+Lumbersexual = grounding and calm, wild harvesting among fallen leaves on a forest path


“Divine smelling oil. I get many compliments.”


“LOVE ! I’ll never buy commercial perfumes again.”

“About 2 years ago I purchased this scent, and haven't had a chance to repurchase since, but I'm getting married soon and knew I HAD to get this to wear on my wedding day! When I first started wearing it I literally got cornered by my co-workers demanding to know what I was wearing and why I smelled so good. My family, friends, and fiancee all obsess over the way I smelled when I wore this (and I mean OBSESS, like they couldn't stop smelling me 😂). I messaged Kim asking if it was the same blend as a few years ago and she got right back to me saying that it was! When I received it in the mail (very quickly!) and put it on I was instantly transported back to feeling myself again, and I can't thank this shop enough! For me, this scent reminds me of fall, it's spicy, sweet, woodsy, and mixes perfectly with my natural scent. 🍂✨”